The Change Course

The Change Course is a development experience designed to help you build your change skills. Let's face it, managing change is a tough job. Many leaders talk about the need to improve in this area, but few know what to do to help combat the impact the pace of change brings.
Regardless of the change model you use, this course will help increase your confidence, ability to navigate the messiness of change and lead more effectively

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The Change Course 

Are you drained by a lack of clear direction?
Overwhelmed by the amount of work and complexity involved?
Are frustrated with a lack of forward progress?

Do you find yourself wishing you could be more influencial?
Frustrated that more issues aren't being addressed, hoping more of the impact of the change was understood and being addressed? And that leaders were better at helping people through it?

We built The Change Course because we believe you need more than a model to be successful. Success in change requires the invisible skills of influence, taking care of impacted employees and coaching those who are stuck. You need change skills and we can teach you!

Who is the Change Course for?

Courtney Smock

Courtney Smock is a leading partner at Slingshot25. With over 20 years of change and org design experience, she brings energy and insights that will immediately help you be a more effective and influencial leader.

"People aren’t math problems to be solved. This is why we built The Change Course. This course teaches people the actual invisible skills of change. We teach you about decision making and how to influence decision makers. We will teach you how to assess the impact of a change and care for those who will need it. Lastly, we will teach you to plan (and YES! we’ll give you a spreadsheet for it - simple and easy-to-use step-by-step guide in SPREADSHEET!) We also teach you to coach, so that you can help people when they get stuck in your plan! This might be the most important skill you can learn to improve your change skills!"

Designed for leaders, aspiring leaders, change practitioners and project managers, The Change Course is an extended learning experience with four short, concentrated sessions (just two hours each). Each session is packed with powerful lessons & tools and we spread them out over a longer window to allow for lots of practice and application!


All sessions are delivered virtually. 



The Change Course