The Story of Jack

Updated: Jun 8

A long time ago in a land far, far away there was a leadership evangelist. All day long she thought about how leaders affect the world we live in.

The leadership evangelist spent much time thinking. She knew that great leaders could change the world. She dreamed of helping leaders understand the full nature of the impact they make in the world. She also knew most busy leaders who worked hard just to get through their days that overflowed with demands didn’t think about this impact enough. So, she set out to show leaders the truth of their impact - that it is their behaviors that create our workplace reality, good or bad. If they did not center their leadership around their followers, they would be consumed by personal ambitions and fail to act in ways that inspire great performance in others and magnificent team accomplishments. She also knew it would bring great personal satisfaction to the leaders who learned to use their power to lift others up. Her quest was limitless, the urgency was great.

She looked around and saw leaders who felt trapped. They had armored themselves up against crushing bureaucracies and organizational cultures that rewarded stoic professionalism, perfectionism, and being right over vulnerability, experimenting with new ideas that might not work, and being curious. They were afraid of being their imperfect, clunky, awkward, amazing selves. So they buried their true selves in favor of what they saw others do to get ahead. They raced to keep up with what was rewarded in their workplaces. Over time, they started to forget they were wearing all that armor. It felt normal. Everyone was wearing armor. But a suit of armor makes it very difficult to lead with empathy, humility, curiosity, and belief in others. That kind of leading is too messy for armor. And so they felt trapped. The leadership evangelist knew it was time to set down the armor and open up to a new way of leading.

And so she started to tell the story of leading without all the armor and people started listening. She found leaders who had grown weary of the armor. She welcomed them to a new tribe of leaders who saw the world differently. These were leaders who were ready to approach their followers with empathy, humility, curiosity and belief in others. They realized this is what they wanted all along. This was always the source of their power.

And finally the leadership evangelist decided the land far, far away could exist right here for anyone who wanted to join this tribe and learn to lead in ways that people would follow, not because they had to, but because they wanted to.

Welcome to Tribe25! The place where leaders grow.