Our Anniversary

It's the one year anniversary of Slingshot25. In honor of this milestone, Courtney started this blog with her childhood story of learning to ride her bike with the yellow banana seat. It was really a sweet message. Very sweet. It had a happy ending (spoiler alert: she learned how to ride her bike on her own) and it made a convenient analogy for our journey over the past year.

I liked the story and even felt a wisp of nostalgia for the yellow banana seat, but I had a problem with it. The analogy isn’t true for us. Not just because we're not particularly sweet (I once used the words "dude, seriously" in speaking to a chief officer in a large group meeting), but also because we’re still learning how to ride this Slingshot25 bike. We still wobble, we still learn every day and “look no hands” feels a bit out of our reach. But, we’re doing it.

We love the support that we get from the people who help to keep us from falling over. YOU are that help and we appreciate everything you've done to hang on to the back of our yellow banana seat as we learn to balance this business.

From the top of my bike helmet to the bottom of my clipless shoes - THANK YOU.


p.s. I don't recommend calling a chief officer "dude" in public. Probably best not to call anyone dude in public. Unless you're on an actual dude ranch.

p.p.s. I don't actually know what a dude ranch is or if it's even a real thing.

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