Leaders help people deal with loss

When change happens, we can:

  • Lose our sense of direction

  • Lose power.

  • Lose confidence.

  • Lose our sense of belonging.

  • Lose control.

  • Lose influence.

  • Lose our ability to know what comes next.

  • Lose what we thought we knew.

  • Lose our desire to shower.

  • Lose our feelings of being valued.

  • Lose our place.

  • Lose our relationships.

  • Lose our routines.

  • Lose our “people.”

  • Lose visibility.

  • Lose our mind.

  • Lose focus, direction, and traction.

  • Lose being an expert.

  • Lose our comfort.

  • Lose our patience.

  • Lose our sense of safety.

We lose whatever was attached to everything we had to let go of when things changed. Dealing with this loss is what makes creating and sustaining change efforts so difficult. Leaders know that it is less about managing change and more about helping people deal with loss.