Change is hard.

How many times have you heard this? Perhaps, you’ve even said it. Have ever asked yourself “Why? Why is change so hard?” And why is this challenge with change so consistent and so predictable? Does it ever get easier?

Basically, no. So long as you are human, you will struggle with change. And so long as you are working with people (a.k.a. other humans) change will include struggle.

The reason for this is rooted in our brain wiring. As humans, we are wired for survival. When our brains evolved, any disruption to our environment had the potential to threaten our life. (Think fire, famine, attacks by animals, etc. Okay, now stop thinking about those things. Too scary!) All change creates a disruption to our environment; therefore all change is a threat.

So even though an upgrade in your cell phone, for example, isn’t life threatening, it is hard because it’s a threat. And it always will be.

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