Organizational Designer
Founding Partner

Michelle Owens, visionary for Slingshot25 is bringing EOS® and change leadership to the corridor. She is a skilled facilitator with experience as entrepreneur, business leader and hands on practitioner.

​Michelle has experienced the EOS® process first-hand and can tell you one thing. It really works!

Her passion is to help business thrive and bring humanity to the workplace. 

With years in this business, Michelle is ready to guide you through change.

P.S. She is trained in EOS® , holds a masters degree in business and has been certified in HR. She has implemented change programs for thousands of leaders over the course of her career. 


Organizational Designer
Founding Partner 

We are so excited that Courtney Smock has agreed to be a partner in the formation of Slingshot25.

Since joining, she has authored the Slingshot25 Change Management model. In it, she's boiled the change process down to its most essential elements and has created an organized, all-encompassing way to talk about what's needed for change to work. We are excited about the power of this simple model to help more people understand what change management is and use it to improve their businesses. 

Beyond being the lead trainer for our Change Practitioner development program, Courtney will be the lead facilitator for our Change Focus Day workshops. 

When you work with Courtney, you can expect high energy.  The word “energy” appears on nearly every evaluation of her work. Whether it's change management or organizational design, Courtney loves facilitating groups - the messier the better.  She’s also a trusted educator and mentor to those wanting to grow their change management skills. And she’s just a ton of fun to work with, and she’s smart, And  . . . she’s just a really good person. AND . . . You will love her. (Yes, she made me write that nice stuff at the end.)

But truly, most of the time, we are really glad she’s here.

Courtney has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa.  She received her coaching certification through the IPEC organization.  

She lives in Coggon with her husband and two of three children. The 3rd is a junior at Iowa. Go HAWKS! 

To learn more about Courtney check out her interview here!



Guiding teams through change

Slingshot25 helps organizations implement lasting change by applying social and behavioral science to change interventions.

Our team members have worked in several of the largest companies along with established companies and entrepreneur firms across Iowa over the past 25 years. We have experienced much of the worst that organizations have to offer - bad bosses, poorly managed changes, layers of politics and ever-changing strategies. We never gave up. We stayed on the front lines, led teams and implemented several approaches to making the workplace better for people. Some of our ideas didn’t work. But, we learned from our failures and, along the way, we’ve discovered what really does work. Now our mission is to share that with you. Our experience has taught us that . . . 

  • The most effective leaders understand they are in the people business. They learn quickly that every single business result they desire is created by people. 

  • Change is a constant pressure in every business. Without careful management, change will roll through your organization and break apart cultural norms, team relationships and essential workflow. 

  • The path for business improvement begins with embracing the truth that “people are messy” - they respond to their environment with unique intellect and emotion. Therefore, planned interventions must be based on the “science of people” (social and behavioral science).



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