Tackling the messy people stuff



Is your business in a state of chaos?
Do your teams feel dysfunctional?
Do you have new leaders?
Are there inconsistent rules across your company?
Are people churning through your team?
Do you find that decision making at all levels is hard?
Do you consistently see patterns of miscommunication?
Is there a transition happening?

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Real. Simple. Results.

Running a successful business is not easy. If your business has dysfunction (let's get real... most do), has hit the ceiling after a growth spurt, is struggling with accountability or has a team bickering like your kids, EOS® as a way to operate your business is worth a look!

Thousands of companies have used EOS® to gain clarity and traction to propel their businesses forward.


Practical Expertise

If you need real help in navigating the complexity of your company’s next big dream, we can help. When you work with us, we commit to listen and bring the best of our experience to help you. Using a fresh approach, we guide you through what’s needed to build confidence in your plan and your team. We work hard because we care.
(and let’s face it, we love it when we overhear you whisper “Damn, they are really good.”)


Workshops & Speaking

We help teams who are stuck in change get clicking again.

Change breaks down relationships, leaving people feeling anxious, frustrated, and exhausted. Established relationships means knowing who gets to decide what and being able to trust who you work with. Without this, teams lose their ability to get stuff done, that feeling when everything clicks. We know you know exactly what we are talking about:-)

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Who are we? Do you want our credentials or do you want to know who we really are? Of course we have credentials ( . . . boring!), we bet you'd rather know who we really are. 

  • We’ve shaped our beliefs from real (often ugly) corporate experience.

  • We want our experience to matter. Helping others avoid mistakes gives our scars purpose. 

  • Change makes awkward moments. We aren’t afraid to get messy, to challenge, and to not be liked in every moment. 

  • We are willing to take the long way around if it means actually getting to where you need to go

  • Oh . . . and we’re hilarious. Just ask us.



Working Together

A slingshot operates by pulling back and then moving forward at great speed. We think that’s what teams often need. To step back and see things from a new perspective, then move forward with clear intent and speed - turning old ways of thinking into innovative new ways of working. Everything we deliver helps teams do the work necessary to “slingshot” into a more effective and rewarding future. Propelling business forward starts with people and is delivered through teams.

Curious about the 25? Ohhh, that's a deeper story and we'd love to share it with you. 


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